The Rules

By participating in the MAC rides you are agreeing to these rules and conditions.

We welcome all to our weekly group rides on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. You are required to follow our rules and have a signed waiver on file. If you haven’t signed this year please do so. If you’re a paying MAC member you already have a current waiver on file so no need for you to sign again.

First and foremost our rides are social group rides. We like to start and finish as a group. If you’re looking for a training ride to train for the Tour, you’re in the wrong place! We want everyone to feel comfortable on our rides and know that when they come they’re on a social ride that will finish at the advertised pace. It’s important to know what the ride pace is and more importantly, know what pace means. If a ride is listed at 16 mph it does not mean you’ll be riding at 16 mph for the duration of the ride. Grades are constantly changing on the roads. There are climbs and descents as well as flat roads on our routes. There are no huge climbs on our routes but in some areas your speed can drop to 12 or 13 mph going up a hill. If you’re on a flat road or or descending a hill your speed will most likely be above that 16 mph pace. The important thing is that those changes in speed throughout the entire ride end up averaging out to 16 mph by the end of the ride. That’s what ride pace is indicating.

The ride leader may or may not be at the front of the group pulling. The group is required to maintain the advertised pace regardless of where the ride leader is. If the current pace setter pulls off the front do NOT surge ahead. Maintain the current pace. Surging creates gaps and encourages others to unnecessarily surge. This creates a mess throughout the entire group and starts to blow the group apart. If you’re not confident in your pace setting abilities it’s okay to stay at the back of the field.

When riding on Brawley School Rd. where the bike lanes are present, we ride single file. The bike lanes are not wide enough to ride 2 abreast and we need to be polite to motorists using the other lanes. We’re lucky to have these bike lanes on our routes and we need to utilize them as prescribed. There are sections on the route where it may be more beneficial to ride 2 abreast and the ride leader will determine those sections. If you see the ride leader hold up 1 finger, they’re indicating single file. If the ride leader holds up 2 fingers they’re indicating we’re riding 2 abreast. This is beneficial for safety as well as making it quicker and easier for motorists to pass.

Typically the ride leader will count the number in the group so we can make sure we end with the same number we start with. If you plan to peel off from the group before the ride ends please let the ride leader know your intentions either before the ride starts or before you leave if you make a last minute decision. We don’t want to wonder where you went and come looking for you if you just decided to head home early.

The routes will be discussed before the ride starts and we typically like to keep all the groups on the same route in case someone from a faster group decides they want to ride slower they’ll have the opportunity to join up with the next slower group behind them.

Please do not overlap the wheel of the cyclist in front of you. It is dangerous and could cause a real problem within the group if the person in front of you has to pull over from their line quickly. If you’re not sure what overlapping a wheel is please see HERE.