Report Aggressive Drivers

If you're riding in Mooresville and have an issue with an aggressive or dangerous driver you can report the incident to the Mooresville PD by clicking the red button. Please include as much information as possible when filling in the report. A license plate number is a must in order for police to contact the driver. Mooresville police have done a great job with this service to date.

Official MAC rides ended for Season

Thanks for another great summer of riding from Lowe's YMCA parking lot. There will still be groups riding from the Y on Tuesday and Thursday evenings as well as a "D" pace ride from the Food Lion parking lot on Brawley School Rd. They just won't be official MAC rides. See you in the spring.

MAC Racing Series coming in 2017

The MAC racing series will be a points based bicycle racing series. There will be 6 races in the spring series and again in the fall series. These will be 2 separate series with 2 different winners. Race the entire 6 race series to stay in point contention or race individual races whenever you feel the urge. Details coming soon.

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